For Gardeners

Scientific Research that Informs Sustainable Gardening Practices

The Garden Ecology Lab group engages in a diversity of scientific research projects that are focused on informing sustainable gardening and landscaping practices. Below, you will find a variety of resources that have been emerged, as a result of our studies. You can also find this collection of resources as a collection in Oregon State University Scholars Archive.

Garden Ecology Lab Briefs

In cooperation with 10-Minute UniversityTM, and funded by the Clackamas County Master Gardener Association, these briefs will help you translate research findings into sustainable gardening practices.

Learn More About the Bees in Your Garden

  • iNaturalist Guide to Summer Garden Bees of Portland: this online guide provides an overview of bees found in Portland-area gardens.
  • Portland Bee Guide: this booklet is a companion to the online, iNaturalist Guide (above). It contains natural history details for 67 species that were collected from Portland area gardens during a 3-year study (2017-2019). 

Learn More About the Plants that Attract Pollinators 

  • Native Plant Picks for Bees: this OSU Extension publication highlights 10 native plants that are highly attractive to bees, and is based upon Aaron Anderson's Ph.D. research.

Learn More About Native Plants for Garden Spaces