a lone bumblebee collects pollen from California Poppy

Teaching and Mentoring Philosophy

We are a highly collaborative group. Graduate and undergraduate students working in the lab support each others' projects, to gain a broader understanding of research questions and methods, and to promote comradery. Students are encouraged to explore their academic interests in ways that are fun and challenging, and allow them to grow as scholars and scientists. The ultimate goal is to support students' career and academic goals, so that they graduate prepared to compete for their dream job!

In the classroom, Gail Langellotto (Principle Investigator of the Garden Ecology Lab), has studied and employs the Alda Method of Science Communication in class, which is predicated upon the idea that empathy is a key component of teaching and communication. You can read more about how Gail uses the Alda Method in her classes, in this Garden Ecology Lab Blog post.

Credit Courses in Entomology and Urban Agriculture

Gail Langellotto currently teaches ENT 311 (Introduction to Insect Pest Management) in the Summer and Fall terms as an E-Campus course, and on campus in the Spring term. She teaches ENT 444/544 (Insect Agroecology) in the Spring term in even years, and ENT 518 (Current Issues in Entomology) in the Spring term of odd years.

Mykl Nelson teaches HORT 283 (Introduction to Urban Agriculture) in the Winter term and HORT 483 (Case Studies in Urban Agriculture in the Spring term as E-Campus courses.

Students must be enrolled at Oregon State University in order to register.

Non-Credit Courses through OSU PACE

The Garden Ecology Lab team also teaches several non-credit, online courses through OSU Professional and Continuing Education (PACE), including free courses in Urban Agriculture and Basic Botany.

Signe Danler teaches the Certificate of Home Horticulture course, Home Horticulture Summer Intensive, and Home Horticulture short course series.

Mykl Nelson teaches an Urban Agriculture series (GROW, PLAN, SELL), Controlled Environment AgricultureHydroponics, and a Cut Flowers course. 

Hydroponic Webinar Series

This non-credit webinar series was supported in part by an Oregon Department of Agriculture specialty crop block grant.